Yoshio Osaki - GamesBeat NEXT

Yoshio Osaki - GamesBeat NEXT

Yoshio Osaki

President & CEO | IDG

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As President/CEO of IDG – a leading research, consulting and analytics firm in the games industry – Yoshio Osaki has been a trusted advisor, investor, and thought leader in the gaming space for 20 years, partnering with more than 200 clients across 50 countries. IDG’s global client roster includes the leading game platforms, publishers, and developers; 4 of the top 5 tech companies; 4 of the top 5 media companies; prominent Fortune 100 brands; key retailers; as well as indie developers and fast-growing startups. This client base has a combined market cap/valuation of over $10 trillion. Core focus areas include game development and publishing, transmedia strategy, AI, game B2B tech stacks, AR/VR, M&A and commercial investment due diligence, cloud streaming, and eSports. Osaki has helped to take startups from Day Zero to AAA success, employing a holistic tool kit of strategy, analytics, forecasting, and his Wall Street finance background to advise companies across C-Suite, publishing, studios, and corporate development. Osaki has  been a keynote speaker for a wide variety of international conferences and summits over the past 20 years. 


 Osaki graduated from Stanford University, with Bachelor’s Degrees in International Relations and Political Science, and has been a guest lecturer at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

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