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Steven Chiang - GamesBeat NEXT

Steven Chiang

CEO | Fortis

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Steven Chiang is the President of Fortis and focuses on building the leadership culture and getting our games shipped. Raised amidst the cornfields of Iowa, he first found his way to games and coding with the help of an Apple IIGS and mail-order programming cards. This childhood experience was then combined with childhood friends to form Tiburon Entertainment, which is now a lynchpin of the EA SPORTS ecosystem as the makers of the Madden NFL series. He rose to the position of SVP at EA before disembarking on a magical journey throughout the universe, leaving success in his wake at Zynga and Warner Brothers Games. Having reached the towering heights, Steve grew indifferent and listless, finding no joy even in his perpetual Clash of Clans battles. He realized, during a moment of quiet meditation, that to go forward, he must go backward. He must do it all again. And so Fortis is here, a brazen attempt to recapture the blossom of his youth by once again founding a company in pursuit of the grand dream of building industry defining entertainment.

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