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Stefano Corazza - GamesBeat NEXT

Stefano Corazza

Head of Roblox Studio | Roblox

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Stefano (Stef) Corazza is the Head of Roblox Studio, one of the most used 3D immersive content creation software tools in the world. At Roblox, Stef and his team are responsible for building a future that leverages machine learning and generative AI to democratize content creation on the platform, where anyone can create anything anywhere. Prior to Roblox Stef led a team responsible for building out Adobe’s AR strategy. Under his tenure at Adobe, the company’s 3D organization grew from three employees to over 200 people, making the 3D business one of the fastest growing segments at the company. Stef joined Adobe via a 2015 acquisition of Mixamo Inc, an online software platform for 3D character animation that leveraged machine learning to democratize 3D animation. Mixamo was founded by Stef (also led as CEO/CTO before its acquisition). Stef holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Padua, a Master of Design from University of Florence, a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Bioengineering and Computer Vision from University of Padua, part of which was completed at Stanford University. Stef is also involved as angel investor and startup advisor, notably in the past with Matterport (now public as MTTR), Artomatix (acquired by Unity), Evertoon (acquired by Niantic), and others. And he is on the board of Rokoko.

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