Neil Young - GamesBeat NEXT

Neil Young - GamesBeat NEXT

Neil Young

Founder & Managing Partner | edenic

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Neil Young is the founder & managing partner of edenic, an investment & management company that is partnered with Forte to catapult the games industry into its next phase by helping incredible companies make great games better for players through ownership & community economics. Neil co-founded N3TWORK and its N3TWORK Scale Platform that was acquired by Forte in 2021. He has had a storied career on the edge of innovation in gaming, including the emergence of MMOs, ARGs, mobile, and free-to-play. He spent several years leading studios and working on award-winning titles at Electronic Arts (EA), such as Lord of the Rings and the industry’s first ARG Majestic and led Origin, Maxis as well as EA’s Los Angeles & Blueprint Studios before founding ngmoco, a pioneering mobile games company that had more than 15 No. 1 apps, and was acquired by DeNA.

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