Negar Shaghaghi - GamesBeat NEXT

Negar Shaghaghi - GamesBeat NEXT

Negar Shaghaghi

Co-founder & CEO | Auxuman

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Negar Shaghaghi is the co-founder and CEO of Auxuman, an AI and gaming technology company that has created Auxworld, a new online video game that allows anyone to instantly create dream sessions and battle others. Auxuman was a pioneer in creating virtual talents and behavior driven NPCs for game engines and has since expanded their AI expertise to broader game content generation.

Negar has +6 years of experience in developing and launching consumer software products in media tech, audio and health tech with a main focus in AI and Machine Learning products and has formerly led product teams at Spotify and Babylon health. She has Masters in Philosophy and Data science where she focused on AI ethics, artificial consciousness and action theory in intelligent machines.

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