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Mike Lucero - GamesBeat NEXT

Mike Lucero

Director of Product Management for Gaming Samsung

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As Director of Product Management for Gaming at Samsung, Mike Lucero develops and delivers innovative gaming experiences, enjoyed by millions globally. A proven leader in building products and creating value around major gaming trends including cloud streaming games and esports, Lucero played an integral role building an ecosystem for global expansion for ad monetization for Twitch.TV, the world’s leading live streaming video platform focusing on Video Gaming and esports, where he drove triple digit year-over-year growth. Lucero is a founding member of Xbox Live team, which has defined the “live” /extended gaming business model as one of the most transformative success stories in video gaming. In addition, Lucero incubated and launched the Xbox TV video and ad business, achieving over 100% year over year growth in its first three years, which pioneered the SVOD and AVOD industry.

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