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Henk Rogers - GamesBeat NEXT

Henk Rogers

Founder & Chairman | The Tetris Company

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Henk Rogers serves as the Chairman of the Board and a Director for the Tetris Company.  He played a pivotal role in transforming Tetris into a global sensation in the 1980s, collaborating closely with the Soviet Union and Nintendo. His efforts not only cemented Tetris’s legacy but also bolstered the Game Boy’s market dominance. His remarkable journey in the gaming industry is featured in the 2023 Apple TV + film “Tetris”.

Beyond Tetris, Henk has a focus on sustainability and environmental causes. He founded the Blue Planet Foundation, which spearheaded renewable energy initiatives in Hawaii. To expand its global impact, he launched the Blue Planet Alliance in 2021, aiding island communities affected by climate change to transition to 100% renewable energy. Henk also established Blue Planet Energy, a leader in renewable energy storage, and the international Moonbase Alliance, aiming to pioneer sustainable settlements in space. 

Recognized for his immense contributions to gaming and sustainable energy, Henk was inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame in 2008 and titled Hawaii Business Magazine’s CEO of the Year of 2015. Henk, now an influential figure in both sectors, splits his time between his off-grid Hawaii ranch and New York City, actively pursuing ventures that create a global positive impact.

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