Anne-Margot Rodde - GamesBeat NEXT

Anne-Margot Rodde - GamesBeat NEXT

Anne-Margot Rodde

Founder & CEO | Creators Corp.

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For nearly two decades, Anne-Margot Rodde has been a trailblazer across video games, digital media, and the metaverse, with a range of strategic roles at agencies such as Momentum Worldwide and Amplify for projects tied to Microsoft XBOX and Playstation, to name a few. Margot launched her first company tied to experiential marketing within gaming in 2013 with WePlay, whose clients included EA, Riot Games, Nexon, Epic Games, Razer, Gearbox, IGN, 505 Games and more. Before launching her second company, Creators Corp., she held a Head of Innovation role at Trailer Park Group. In 2022, she officially launched Creators Corp., a creator-led studio living at the intersection of the creator economy and the metaverse, where games meet culture. The company focuses on co-creating unique gaming experiences through Fortnite Creative and UEFN that entertain, inspire and engage fans around the world, partnering with IP holders and brands across all categories including music, YouTubers/streamers, esports, sports, technology and more.

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