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Alexey Pajitnov

Creator of Tetris

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Alexey Pajitnov is a globally recognized game designer, best known for creating the iconic Tetris game, and serves as a Director for The Tetris Company. Tetris has sold hundreds of millions of copies across over 50 platforms since its 1984 debut. For his groundbreaking work, Alexey was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023 at the Brasil Game Show, the International Game Developers Association’s First Penguin Award in 2007, and saw Tetris named the #2 Top Console Game by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009 

Beyond Tetris, Alexey founded AnimaTek, collaborated with game companies like Nintendo and Bullet-Proof Software, and joined Microsoft in 1996.  At Microsoft, he worked on various projects, including designing Pandora’s Box and contributing to the Xbox 360 version of Hexic.

A puzzle enthusiast since age 14, Alexey holds a master’s in applied mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Aviation and has contributed significantly to fields like speech recognition and artificial intelligence. He currently resides in Washington State.